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Purpose of the FitCam Health App:

FitCam Health is meticulously designed to revolutionize chronic pain management by leveraging technology. This advanced app merges tailored physical exercises, mindfulness techniques, and extensive educational content to create customized pain management strategies for each user. Utilizing real-time data to adapt these plans, FitCam Health strives to enhance daily functionality, reduce pain levels, and lessen dependence on medications, ultimately improving the overall quality of life.

The Relief Journey:

The Relief Journey within FitCam Health utilizes cognitive-behavioral therapy principles to address both the physical and emotional aspects of pain. It offers guided activities and comprehensive educational content that empower users to effectively manage their pain and cultivate long-term health-promoting habits.

Integration with Google Fit:

By connecting with Google Fit, FitCam Health tracks daily steps and physical activity, allowing for real-time health metrics monitoring. This integration aids in tailoring pain management plans more accurately to users' activity levels, enhancing personalized care recommendations and enabling users to make informed health decisions.

FitCam Console: Remote Monitoring for Providers:

FitCam Health is complemented by the FitCam Console, a remote monitoring tool designed for providers and pain clinics. This tool facilitates improved patient engagement and adherence to treatment plans by allowing healthcare providers to track patient progress, adjust treatments as needed, and interact directly with patients. The integration of FitCam Health with the FitCam Console ensures that pain management is a collaborative effort between patients and providers, leading to better treatment adherence and enhanced health outcomes. This synergy not only maximizes the effectiveness of individual care plans but also streamlines communication and data sharing between patients and healthcare teams.

FitCam App is an app of Prove Labs, a start up based in NYC, United States.

If you have any question, you can contact us at We will be more than happy to help you.

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What will this app do with user data?

FitCam Health uses data from Google Fit, specifically steps, to assess the impact of activity levels on health and pain management, enabling healthcare providers to tailor treatments and monitor sedentary behaviors through the FitCam Console.

FitCam Health is committed to maintaining the highest standards of data privacy and adheres to all applicable laws and regulations, including GDPR and HIPAA. We collect only essential data, specifically the number of steps taken, to personalize and enhance pain management plans.

Data security is paramount. We use advanced encryption for data storage and transmission, and access is restricted to authorized personnel only. User data is managed with strict protocols for consent, and users have control over their information, with options to view, modify, or delete as needed.

We do not sell user data. It is shared only with consent, primarily with healthcare providers to facilitate better treatment coordination. Data is retained only for as long as necessary and securely erased when no longer needed, ensuring compliance with legal retention requirements, please check our Privacy Policy.


How does this app enhance user functionality?

The FitCam App significantly enhances user functionality by providing personalized pain management plans tailored to individual needs. It integrates seamlessly with Google Fit to monitor physical activities like daily steps, offering insights into the relationship between activity levels and pain. This data-driven approach helps in adapting exercise recommendations and overall pain management strategies effectively.

Additionally, FitCam includes cognitive-behavioral therapy tools in its Relief Journey feature, aimed at addressing the psychological aspects of pain. Users also benefit from educational resources, community support, and the ability for healthcare providers to monitor their progress remotely via the FitCam Console. This holistic integration of features promotes better health outcomes, empowers users to manage their condition proactively, and ensures continuous care from their healthcare team.

Link to Privacy Policy: Click here.


Describe the content, context, or connection to the app:


The FitCam App's integration with Google Fit exemplifies how health apps can leverage existing fitness tracking technologies to enhance user health outcomes. This connection specifically allows FitCam to access step count data collected by Google Fit, which is instrumental in monitoring and analyzing users' physical activity levels.

Content: Google Fit provides FitCam with continuous data on the number of steps a user takes each day. This key piece of content is crucial for evaluating how active a user is, which directly influences their pain management and overall health. By understanding activity levels, FitCam can tailor its recommendations for physical exercises and interventions more accurately.

Context: The integration occurs in a context where daily physical activity is a critical factor in managing conditions such as chronic pain. Sedentary lifestyles can exacerbate pain issues, while regular movement has been shown to help mitigate pain and improve function. FitCam uses the data from Google Fit to help users establish and maintain healthier activity habits, critical for managing pain and enhancing quality of life.

Connection: The connection between FitCam and Google Fit allows for a seamless user experience where data flows automatically into FitCam’s system. This integration means users don’t have to manually enter their activity data, making it easier to keep track of their progress and stay motivated. It also enables FitCam to provide real-time feedback and adjustments to users’ pain management plans based on their actual activity levels, fostering a dynamic and responsive approach to health management.

Overall, the integration of FitCam with Google Fit is a strategic enhancement that supports comprehensive health monitoring and personalized care, making it an essential feature for users looking to effectively manage their pain and improve their overall health.


Google OAuth2 Limited Use Disclosure

This app requests restricted scopes of Google Fit API: Fitness activity read and write. The information received from Google APIs adhere to both: the API Services User Data Policy and the Additional Requirements for Specific Scopes.

Mobile app obtains authorized client credentials to access Google Fit API Services. Client credentials are kept confidential and not saved locally on mobile device. Mobile app requests permission for user physical activity recognition that is needed for Google Fit API to provide activity history results (for example, user's step count). FitCam app needs access to Google Fit API Services to motivate users to exercise on a regular basis and help them reduce their pain. is used to read the number of steps walked by the user. FitCam mobile app give a daily target FitCam Score to the user and user's steps walked can help the user to reach this target. is used to write the calories the users burn doing some exercises of mobile app. FitCam mobile app only do that for exercises with Motion Guide (the exercises that are checked by FitCam AI trainer).

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