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Not all the features are available if you don't allow synchronization between Google Fit and FitCam. Allowing synchronization between FitCam and Google Fit will let us take into account into your FitCam Score and Activity History the steps you walk on a daily basis and that are counted by Google Fit. It will also allow us to write the calories you burn using FitCam in your Google Fit app.

If you have any question, you can contact us at We will be more than happy to help you.

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Accurately represents your app’s identity: The FitCam App is an app you can use to reduce your pain by body therapy. FitCam App is an app of Prove Labs, a start up based in NYC, United States.


What will this app do with user data? The data we received from the app is only use to provide a better experience to you a better experience. It’s shared with your Health Expert / Practitioner so he can provide you the best care as possible. The email will be used to identify the user. The name and profile picture will be used as the name and profile picture of your account on FitCam App and displayed in leaderboards and chat. To learn more, please check our Privacy Policy.


How does this app enhance user functionality? No matters the reason of your pain, the FitCam App will provide you with a personalized program of targeted exercises, as well as the support of Health Expert. The main goal is to make you move, encouraging you to walk. We also compute a FitCam score, and display it in a larboard for motivation. There are some specific AI guided exercises, for which we are able to check if you are properly executing them.


Link to Privacy Policy: Click here.


Describe the content, context, or connection to the app: The FitCam App is a mobile application on android and iOS. Users are private individuals that comes from the Store, employees that have been offered the app by their company or external practitioner patients. For external practitioner patients, their activity can be seen and their program managed by the external practitioner from the FitCam console.

Google OAuth2 Limited Use Disclosure

This app requests restricted scopes of Google Fit API: Fitness activity read and write. The information received from Google APIs adhere to both: the API Services User Data Policy and the Additional Requirements for Specific Scopes.

Mobile app obtains authorized client credentials to access Google Fit API Services. Client credentials are kept confidential and not saved locally on mobile device. Mobile app requests permission for user physical activity recognition that is needed for Google Fit API to provide activity history results (for example, user's step count). FitCam app needs access to Google Fit API Services to motivate users to exercise on a regular basis and help them reduce their pain. is used to read the number of steps walked by the user. FitCam mobile app give a daily target FitCam Score to the user and user's steps walked can help the user to reach this target. is used to write the calories the users burn doing some exercises of mobile app. FitCam mobile app only do that for exercises with Motion Guide (the exercises that are checked by FitCam AI trainer).

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