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The best physical wellness app for your employees

FitCam Health is the easiest, most effective and cost-effective, way for employers and payers to reduce the physical, emotional and financial burden of musculoskeletal pain

Employers that trust FitCam Health

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MSK is the top healthcare cost driver for an employer

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1 in 2 U.S. adults has a musculoskeletal disorder

Only 6.5% of Americans meet the physical guidelines requirements for work

COVID 19, Working from home: four in five develop musculoskeletal pain

In Average an MSK injury costs $US 59K to an US Employer 

The FitCam Journey: an enterprise health program to optimize MSK care

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A program supervised by health professionals

Movements and content targeted to your business

Anonymous enrolment and privacy protection

Unique posture & form feedback technology

Usage and engagement monitoring KPIs

Motivation tools

24/7 support via chat

Flexible pricing

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Personalized programs addressing most common MSK disorders

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The most complete MSK approach on the market

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The FitCam Journey outcomes

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