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Introducing FitCam 
Your Path to Better Pain Management

Dear Patient,

As part of our commitment to providing you with comprehensive care, we are partnering with FitCam Health, a digital application platform.


This digital platform is specially designed to support patients with chronic pain conditions like yours. It offers personalized care plans centered around physical activity to increase mobility and reduce pain all while utilizing innovative technology to provide you feedback in real time.


FitCam also offers regular health monitoring and check-ins along with direct access to a healthcare professional—all of which are crucial for managing your chronic pain condition effectively.

We understand that managing chronic pain can be challenging, and we are here to support you every step of the way. The Fitcam program is a valuable resource, and we are confident it will make a positive difference in your health journey to better pain management.

Thank you for trusting us as we continue to seek out new ways to improve your care. Together, we'll work towards not just managing your pain, but decreasing it and allowing you to live a fuller, more enjoyable life.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any immediate questions or concerns.  

Dr. Musa

Discover FitCam: Your Gateway to Advanced Pain Relief and Wellness. Begin a Tailored Health Journey, Exclusively Through Your Doctor's Invitation.

Introducting FitCam Health

Am I eligible for FitCam Health? 

For patients who meet all necessary enrollment criteria and eligibility, FitCam will become an integral part of your comprehensive plan of care. Once enrolled, active participation in the FitCam program (at least 10 minutes per week) will be an essential part of your treatment at Algone Anchorage Interventional Pain Management Clinic. 

Is FitCam complicated to use?

Enrolling in FitCam is a simple and quick process and can be performed on any smartphone (iPhone or Android) or tablet device. Our team will assist and guide you through the process. Simply speak with our primary care provider during your next appointment or we can schedule a call with you and one of our dedicated staff members to get you set-up on the platform. 

How do I access the App?

To activate your program, access the invitation your doctor has shared via email or text. Can't locate it? Check your spam folder or ask the doctor's office to send the information again..

Check the "How-To video" for onboarding details

How do I complete my enrollment in the App?

Make sure you activate all the FitCam features to make the most of our programs! 

  • Respond to the Health Questionnaire

  • Activate notifications

  • Activate Step Tracking

  • Access all your programs

  • Chat with your Doctor and Nurse

Check the "How-To Video"  on the right for onboarding details.

How do I access my Programs in the App?

Your programs are specifically prescribed by your doctor and tailored to your health needs.

Additionally, you'll find the Relief Journey, your personalized .

  • Access your program from your Today screen

  • Scroll horizontally the program catalog to choose the desired program

  • Click "Start" to start a program.


Check the "How-To Video"  on the left for more details on how to navigate programs.

How to I connect to Apple Health or Google Fit?

In this video we guide you though connecting to Apple Health and Google Fit:

  • Connecting during onboarding

  • Step by step activation of Apple Health via "Settings"

  • Step by step activation of Google Fit via "Settings"

Check the "How-To Video" on the right for more details on how to activate Apple Health and Google Fit programs.

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