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Fix pain your way: anytime, anywhere with FitCam Health

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Your digital self-care companion, merging MindBody Relief Programs and physician-monitored Pain Management, all in the palm of your hand! 

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Our clients

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Engaging and safe pain relief solutions

Tailored for You

Access your doctor-prescribed program and personalized plan
Mindset Makeover

Dive into holistic protocols and the Relief Journey for pain mastery

Smart Moves

Discover new movement habits with our innovative Motion Guide

Expert Care Anytime

Our physician-led team is here for you 24/7​


Optimize Your Relief Journey with FitCam Scoring

Unlock the power of your health data with FitCam Scoring, a feature designed to empower your pain management journey.


Effortlessly log and track your symptoms, improvements, and challenges daily using our user-friendly interface. This isn't just about measuring pain; it's about enhancing your quality of life.

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Master Movement with FitCam Motion Guide

Step into relief with the FitCam Motion Guide, your digital ally in pain management. This feature offers real-time, precise exercise guidance to reduce pain and improve mobility.


Its personalized, therapist-approved movements ensure optimal effectiveness, helping you move towards a more comfortable and active life with every session.

FitCam is the solution for a pain free and fully functional body

5 min of daily good habits to fix your posture, rebuild your core and unlock the magic of Movement as Medicine


Let’s start your journey now !


Get to know FitCam in 2 minutes

What they say about FitCam

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